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Things to consider before relocating a child after divorce

In our digital day and age, it is quite common for couples to initially meet, and communicate for some time, over the internet. Often, the parties reside miles apart, or even in another state or country. Should these relationship blossom, couples should be aware of a relocation scenario that could take place after a divorce that involving children, as well as the potential problems that could arise from it.

What should be included in a co-parenting agreement?

A solid co-parenting agreement should include many facets. Issues such as education, medical expenses, decision making, parental responsibilities, religion, and others should be addressed. Generally, the more guidance a co-parenting agreement includes on these issues, the less likely it is future conflicts will arise.

Co-parenting secrets: Healthy families after divorce

Co-parenting, while not for everyone, is the best way to offer stability and emotional comfort for children after a divorce. Of course, in situations that involve physical, drug, or alcohol abuse it is not always the best option.

Facilitating the relationship between children and step-parents

A major component to any successful co-parenting plan is that both sides agree to do everything within their power, and within reason, to facilitate a healthy relationship between the children and any step-parent who enters the picture. There are several tips to help along the journey.

What happens when a parent wants to relocate?

Parental relocation can be a big concern for parents sharing custody of their child. Parents wishing to relocate, as well as parents opposing a relocation request, may have many questions about parental relocation that they need answers to.

Help for parents with the child custody process

Child custody is a concern on the minds of many divorcing parents in Massachusetts. The divorce process can be challenging for families, parents and children but can take a special toll on children which is why parents should understand how the child custody process in Massachusetts work and the options available to help them through that process.

What happens to my child support if I change jobs?

Changing jobs may bring up a variety of questions related to child support obligations and other concerns. Modifying child support can be a significant concern for both custodial parents and parents paying child support so it is important to understand the family law resources available to help when child support modification concerns arise related to a job change or otherwise.

Child support resources for parents and families

Children have the right to receive financial support from their parents regardless of the circumstances. As a result, child support and child support concerns are important to understand. Parents likely have concerns so they should know what to expect from the child support process.

Co-parenting help during the divorce and child custody process

Learning how to co-parent following a divorce can be challenging but it is essential for children that parents be able to effectively co-parent as the children grow and develop and everyone moves forward following the divorce. It is important to keep in mind that child custody and co-parenting decisions focus on what is in the best interests of the child.

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