Quality Representation
Client-Centered Resolution

Quality Representation
Client-Centered Resolution

Experienced Needham Attorney For Child Custody Matters

I strongly believe that parents should do everything possible to minimize the negative effects of divorce on their children. In any family law matter involving a child, my primary goal as your lawyer is to craft a solution that protects the best interests of the child.

In most situations, that involves reaching a custody agreement that allows each parent to play a role in the child’s life. I help parents through custody mediation, negotiation or trial to reach agreements that preserve their parental rights and the rights of their child.

I frequently provide advice to parents about the importance of co-parenting, helping them come to fair, sustainable arrangements that preserve the essential relationship between the child and each parent.

Modifying Child Custody

If you have already gone through the divorce process, you likely already have a custody arrangement in place. However, sometimes a substantial change in circumstances can require parents to revisit custody and co-parenting arrangements. Some examples of such a change might include:

  • A parent relocating to a different city, or even a different state
  • A child needing a different arrangement in order to accommodate school or extracurricular activities
  • A parent becoming unable to care for a child, causing another party to seek guardianship or a change in custody
  • Age or needs of the child(ren) that make the original agreement unworkable

I work with couples going through a divorce, divorced parents who need to modify custody, and unmarried parents who need to resolve these questions outside the framework of divorce. I have also been appointed as a Guardian ad Litem in complex matters involving child custody.

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Whatever family law issue you are facing, I can help you seek a resolution that will protect your child and your rights. To learn more, please contact my office in Needham at 508-507-8742.