Quality Representation
Client-Centered Resolution

Quality Representation
Client-Centered Resolution

Family Law

I am Susan Rossi Cook, a Massachusetts lawyer practicing family law. Since 2003, I have provided compassionate, knowledgeable legal advice and representation to individuals and their families in Massachusetts. Prior to entering private practice, I served as a law clerk to the justice of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court in Norfolk, Barnstable, Plymouth and Worcester Counties.

I assist people with difficult family law issues like:

  • Divorce — Ending a marriage is rarely easy, but having an experienced attorney on your side can help you rest assured that your interests are being protected.
  • Child custody — My most important goal is to preserve the well-being of children affected by divorce. I help parents develop co-parenting plans and come to fair, reasonable child custody and visitation agreements.
  • Marital asset division — I help my clients pursue fair terms for alimony, child support and property division. When these arrangements need to be enforced or modified, I can help people take the appropriate action to ensure that their rights are protected while they pursue arrangements that fit their lives.
  • Mediation — I have been trained in collaborative law, mediation and court-sponsored conciliation. When it is appropriate for my clients, I recommend taking a collaborative, amicable approach to divorce and other family law matters. Particularly when children are involved, working together to come to resolutions can minimize the damage and allow the parties to move on with their lives.
  • Litigation — In some cases, a collaborative approach is simply not an option. When such a situation arises, I do not hesitate to take a matter to court. My first priority is always reaching a fair result for my clients and/or their children, whether it is achieved in negotiations or in trial.
  • High-conflict divorce and family law disputes — I am experienced in both mediation and litigation, which allows me to pursue whatever option is best for my clients. I am equipped to handle every situation, from an amicable divorce to a high-conflict matter involving a restraining order or other complications.

Contact Susan Rossi Cook, Attorney And Mediator

To learn more about my approach to family law, or to get answers to your questions about your case, I encourage you contact me to arrange a consultation. Please call my office in Needham, Massachusetts, at 508-507-8742 or send me an email.