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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Divorcing couples may have heard of divorce mediation and wondered what it is. The answer is that there are different options available to couples today seeking a divorce that may allow them to avoid the downsides sometimes associated with divorce litigation. Divorce mediation is a process for divorcing couples to consider that allows them to resolve divorce-related issues in a manner that may be better for their children and family.

3 ways to prepare for divorce mediation

Divorce is often a very complicated process that causes stress on the divorcing couple and their children. But, what if you and your future ex-spouse agree that you do not want to go through the litigation process? What if you are seeking ways to reduce the impact of your divorce on your children? You may already be considering alternatives to divorce litigation, such as mediation.

Family law mediation can be good for parents and kids

A divorce does not have to be an ugly fight. In fact, through mediation many Massachusetts couples can successfully end their marriages without significant conflict or drama. Mediation can be good for the parties involved as it can be a less stressful and more cost-effective method of bringing a legal union to its end than litigation. It can also be a good way to minimize the stress of a divorce on couples' shared children.

Is mediation the right choice for your divorce?

It is important that individuals who are thinking about filing for divorce understand the different options they have for bringing the relationships to their legal ends. In Massachusetts, a person may choose to litigate their divorce through the courts and this is generally considered the traditional path to divorce. However, they may also use the mediation process to work with their spouses and to come up with collaborative solutions to their property, custody and financial concerns.

What are the benefits of choosing mediation for your divorce?

It is important for our readers to understand that mediation is a tool of the legal system. While it may reap benefits for some who choose to engage with its process, it may not effectively serve others. Before selecting either litigation or mediation as one's path to divorce, a person may wish to discuss their case with a family law attorney to devise a strategic and cohesive divorce plan.

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