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Divorce through a child's eyes

Children experience divorce differently based on their age at the time of separation. From infant to toddler to pre-teen, each age group has its own perspectives, responses, and understanding. In the paragraphs below, we provide a breakdown of age appropriate responses and potential concerns from each group.

Massachusetts spousal support basics

Alimony can be an important part of a divorce when one spouse has remained at home to care for the household or children or has helped contribute to the career or education of the other spouse and has remained a non-wage earning or lower wage-earning spouse because of one of those situations. The spouse that may be required to pay alimony may object so it is important for spouses on both sides of the issue to understand how alimony is awarded.

When can I receive a child support modification?

Over time, a child support agreement may no longer work and may need to be adjusted, or modified. The family law process provides resources to families and parents who need to seek a child support modification or wish to oppose a child support modification. It is important to be familiar with the details of that process.

The basics of negotiating a divorce settlement

There are many issues to sort out during the divorce process. Understanding the scope of divorce-related issues that must be addressed, as well as how the family law process handles those issues, can be helpful for divorcing couples to understand. The divorce process is intended to help the divorcing couple each move forward in as positive a financial position as possible but that means a number of divorce-related issues must be sorted out beforehand.

Actor and musician end 20-year relationship

Perhaps best known for her role as Cher in the teen comedy "Clueless" from years ago, Alicia Silverstone has maintained a relatively low profile for someone engrained in the highly visible entertainment industry. In fact, she and her husband, musician Christopher Jarecki of the punk band S.T.U.N., have been together for 20 years and have been married for six of them. Just recently, the couple decided to end their union and separate their lives from each other.

Tax implications for alimony may impact divorces

The federal government recently passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a sweeping law that impacts many parts of the current tax code. While some Massachusetts residents may have concerns over what the law will do to their property taxes and how capital gains may be impacted, those contemplating divorce should be aware of one major change: alimony payments are no longer tax deductible.

Hollywood actor and long-term wife head for divorce

Marriages that endure for at least a decade are common for Massachusetts residents, but, in Hollywood, marriages that last into their double digits are practically unheard of. As such, it is always surprising to hear that a long-time married celebrity and their partner have decided to end their legal union. Just recently, actor Ewan McGregor filed for divorce from his wife of almost 22 years.

Do I have to allege fault to file for divorce in Massachusetts?

A divorce is a complicated process in terms of the legal decisions that must be made and the care and compassion one must exhibit to ensure that their and their children's emotions are supported. To this end, Massachusetts residents must carefully examine the different options that they have for bringing their relationships to their ends. In Massachusetts a person may elect to use fault as the basis of their divorce or they may use the state's no fault option to terminate their marriage.

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