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Parenting time interference is a serious matter to the court

Nearly all parents who face the difficult task of sharing custody and parenting privileges find that it is difficult to follow their custody order or parenting plan to the letter all the time. If you and your child's other parent experience similar conflicts, rest assured that you are in the company of thousands or even millions of parents experiencing similar frustrations.

6 key tips to help parents and kids adjust to post-divorce life

You file for divorce, and all you can think of are your children. Losing the marriage is fine. You feel at peace with it. You just don't want it to harm the kids, emotionally or psychologically. You want what's best for them. You always have, from the time they were born until now, when they are in or nearing their teenage years. 

Help an only child to learn to cope with your divorce

Children who are going through their parents' divorce can have some challenges. When parents only have one child, the issues are a bit different than when there are multiple children. One reason for this is because the parents have likely doted on the child and make the kid the focus of their attention.

Divorce mediation can help protect your children

Divorce is rough on everyone involved. Both the spouses going through divorce will likely have to move through the five stages of grief to come to terms with the end of the relationship. In marriages with minor children, there's also reason to feel concerned about the impact of the divorce on the children. The entire process, from fighting parents to a protracted court battle, can leave emotional scars that take years to heal.

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