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Facilitating effective co-parenting in a divorce agreement

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Co-Parenting And Child Custody

A divorce could negatively affect children’s relationship with one or both parents. Establishing a formal parenting plan as part of a divorce agreement can reinforce parental relationships and ensure that children have the support that they need.

During the divorce process, an experienced attorney can help parents lay the groundwork for effective co-parenting.

Communicating constructively

Regardless of what happened that led to the dissolution of a marriage, parents still need to be able to engage with one another as co-parents. Negotiating a formal parenting plan can foster constructive communication and open channels for ongoing, collaborative dialogue.

Giving children the opportunity to continue spending time with both parents

When parents stop living together, children may not see enough of one of their parents. This can be distressing to children, and they might feel as though a parent no longer cares about them or think that they did something wrong.

In creating a parenting plan, parties need to be conscientious about working cooperatively to schedule adequate time with both parents. This serves to uphold the important role of both parents in their children’s lives

Countering parental alienation

Conveying negative sentiments about a former spouse could compromise parental relationships. Many people find it helpful to address this problem proactively in parenting plans by creating provisions affirming that neither parent will disparage the other to their children.

Ultimately, insights from a knowledgeable, compassionate attorney can help parents work out a plan that brings structure and clarity to key concerns such as custodial time and parental responsibilities.