When a Franklin-area couple decides that their marriage is heading for an inevitable divorce it can be a very emotional time for the family. This is a stressful situation for a family, and working through the divorce matters can be contentious. One good option for many families is mediation.

Using mediation for a divorce is often the best option for families. Mediation is an informal process that allows a couple to work out a divorce agreement that is acceptable for both parties. A mediator is used to help both parties come to an agreement instead of a judge, who knows very little about the family, deciding. There are many roles that a mediator can play in a divorce. One role that a mediator may play is helping both parties identify the contentious issues and allowing both parties to speak regarding their needs and concerns. They can make sure all the communication is clear and answer legal questions when necessary. They can enable a fair discussion surrounding contentious issues such as child support, alimony, and property division. They are also able to offer alternatives for solving issues and refer the couple to third-party experts if necessary.

Mediation can be a wonderful choice for couples going through a divorce. A mediator can make the process less stressful and allow the spouses to work through their differences without needing to go to court. A mediator can be with the couple throughout the whole process, thereby helping them come to a fair agreement. If a couple is considering divorce, then they may want to speak with a legal professional who specializes in family law. An attorney can help their client determine if mediation would be a good option for the divorce at hand.

The mediator in a divorce process has an important role to play. Mediation is often a good option for families going through a divorce because of the reduced stress it can bring and the feeling that both parties are able to come to an agreement that is fair. However, divorce mediation isn’t for everyone, so careful consideration must be given to this process before undertaking it.