It is November, and all across the state Massachusetts residents may be eagerly planning where they will spend their holidays. For many, the winter months are a time for being with the people that they love and enjoying the company of friends and family. For others, however, the end of the year may be when they struggle to maintain happiness in their personal relationships and consider their options for finding more peace in the next calendar year.

Many divorces occur in January after the holidays are over, and a number of those individuals who choose to end their marriage opt to take the traditional route through the courts to secure their divorces. However, individuals are reminded that mediation is also an option for pursuing divorce, and that there are many advantages to using it if the participants are able to maintain respectful channels of communication.

Mediated divorces tend to be more satisfying to individuals because they are in control of their divorce settlements. That means that they work with their soon to be exes to settle their differences regarding their property, their wealth, and their children. Mediated divorces can also be shorter than litigated divorces if the parties easily come to terms and are able to agree on their settlement decisions. Without the involvement of the courts, mediated divorces may cost less money than litigated divorces.

Though the experience is different for everyone, these are only some of the advantages that Massachusetts’s residents may experience if they elect to divorce through mediation instead of litigation. This post provides no legal advice and readers should talk to their attorneys about their divorce options and needs.