Life is more than the things that one accumulates over time, but the things that individuals choose to purchase, acquire, and keep can have significant financial and emotional value. Gifts from lost loved ones, residences full of memories, and lucrative investments may all help provide comfort and confidence to the lives of Massachusetts residents. When a couple decides to split and go through a divorce, deciding what to do with all of their property can be difficult.

During marriage dissolution, certain assets may be deemed separate in nature, meaning that only one party owns them. Other assets may be considered jointly owned by both parties to a marriage. While separate property generally goes with its individual owner, during divorce shared property must be valued and assigned to one of the individual’s for their post-divorce life. When former spouses both want an item of shared property, their negotiations can become strained.

Attorney Susan Rossi Cook recognizes the importance of establishing a fair division of property during a divorce. When a person fails to leave their divorce with sufficient assets on which to build a new life they may find themselves in the precarious position of financial instability. Attorney Cook‘s knowledge of the law and her experience working with diverse populations are assets to those who wish to acquire her legal services during their divorces.

Getting the most out of a divorce may not mean leaving it with more assets than one’s former spouse. Attorney Susan Rossi Cook supports clients in both litigation and mediation as they work to end their marriages. Her firm maintains a website where readers are invited to learn more about property division and other family law topics.