As readers of this Massachusetts family law blog may know, there are two distinct forms of child custody that parents may or may not share when they go through divorces. The first form of custody is physical custody. Parents with physical custody can have their kids live with them exclusively or may share their kids with their exes. The second form of custody is legal custody, and, like physical custody, it may be given exclusively to one parent or be shared between them.

A parent with legal custody has the right to make important decisions about how their child is cared for. Legal custodians can decide or be involved in deciding what medical care their kids receive and how that treatment will be received. When major health crises arise in the lives of children, their legal custodians can and should work together to help them get the medical support they need.

One situation where a parent who shares legal custody with their ex may make a unilateral choice about their child’s medical care is when the child is under their physical control and suffers a medical emergency. When time is of the essence, a parent who shares legal custody with their ex may make a fast choice about how best to provide their child with the medical help they require.

No parent wants to imagine a world in which their child is sick or suffering. When medical emergencies or crises come up, parents with shared legal custody need to work together to get their children the treatments they require. Any further questions about co-parenting and custody may be directed to local family law attorneys as this post does not provide any legal guidance.