Divorce is often hard on families, especially when Massachusetts’ parents end their relationships with each other and search for ways to co-parent their kids. Although it is tough for children to watch their home lives change and their parents move on to lead separate lives, marriage dissolution can be challenging for everyone who must uproot their lives, figure out their finances, and establish themselves without their former familial identities.

Divorce divides people, but it also requires the division of property. In Massachusetts, marital property is divided based on the idea of equitable distribution. Equitable distribution does not require the equal division of shared, also known as marital property, but rather the fair division of property among divorcing parties.

As readers can imagine, the parties to divorce can have very different ideas of what constitutes “fair” when it comes to divvying up the things that they own together. Each party may believe that it is fair to retain the marital home while in reality only one of the parties may keep it. When it comes to working out the details of the marital property division process during a Massachusetts divorce, individuals can often benefit from sound legal guidance and support.

Attorney Susan Rossi Cook provides legal support to men and women who choose to mediate their divorces as well as those who have to hash out their disagreements in front of a judge. Her services assist her clients in understanding their rights and options when it comes to settling their property needs, and she advocates for her clients to ensure fair and just outcomes. Her firm’s website provides a wealth of information to interested readers who wish to further explore the topic of marital property division.