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A discussion about court-ordered conciliation

Often when Massachusetts couples consider using mediation for the resolution of their divorces, they think about the process as a voluntary undertaking. What readers of this family law and mediation blog may not know is that courts can order couples to use mediation when they are working to end their marriages. Sometimes called court-ordered conciliation, this form of mediation may be ordered for a number of reasons.

Child custody: Always do what's best for your kids

Your divorce is a traumatic time for you, but it is also going to be a time of big changes for your children. This can be hard to deal with because you want your children to have a happy life that is filled with security and love. During the divorce, you are going to have to make a concerted effort to make this happen.

Child custody changes for popular reality television pair

Massachusetts residents who watch reality television may be familiar with the drama that surrounds the cast of Southern Charm. While many of the antics that the cast members get involved with are sensational events that drive the show's popularity, two individuals who have been involved with the production are now caught in a very real drama surrounding their kids. Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel recently went to court and had their child custody plan changed.

How long does it take to complete a Massachusetts divorce?

The decision to divorce is a difficult one, and once a Massachusetts resident decides that they want to end their marriage they may want to bring about that result as quickly as possible. Though divorces can resolve quickly, readers should know that the unique factors that apply to their divorces, as well as the types of divorce that they wish to pursue, can greatly influence its duration. Different divorces will resolve under different time lines, and no reader should take the contents of this blog as advice on how their divorce may unfold.

Put kids first as the school year approaches

Although Massachusetts children may be lamenting that the final few weeks of summer have arrived, their parents may be excited to get back to the routine of school days and extracurricular activities. As families begin to work out the details of their academic year lives, they may discover that changes in school hours, new student responsibilities, and other commitments will affect the child custody plans they are currently using. Before the school year starts, parents may wish to look at their parenting plans and custody schedules to make sure their children will not be impacted.

The end of a Massachusetts spousal support order

Spousal support is sometimes called alimony and it involves the payment of money from an individual to their former spouse. It can take on several different forms in Massachusetts and its duration can vary greatly from divorce to divorce. When spousal support is ordered during a divorce the paying spouse often wonders how long they will be bound to their ex through spousal support, and outside of individual support agreements and orders there are events that result in the termination of support requirements.

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