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How does legal custody affect co-parenting duties?

Providing their children with loving and stable homes during a divorce may be the priority of parents all across Massachusetts. They may become focused on deciding where their children will live and how they will share in providing the day-to-day care to their kids. This form of parenting is often referred to as physical custody, as it relates to the physical well-being of children. There is another form of child custody, however, and it can have a big impact on how parents work together to raise their shared children.

Options for the family business in a divorce

For most people, divorce is incredibly complicated. If you have children, you will have to work out a custody arrangement. If you have a house, you might have to make some tough choices about what to do with it. And, if you have a family business, things can get even more complicated. One of the reasons why divorce is so complex for many people is that they have to balance a very emotional and stressful time with making practical decisions.

The role of a mediator in ending a marriage

Mediation is a non-traditional way to bring about a divorce. Whereas traditional roads to divorce lead individuals through litigation, mediation helps parties set aside their differences, so they can collaboratively settle their disagreements. Massachusetts residents who use mediation to end their marriages have control over their divorce outcomes and often experience satisfaction with the process of directing their own divorce negotiations.

Property division is an important element of a divorce

No matter how hard a Massachusetts resident tries, they will inevitably accumulate stuff over the course of their life. That stuff can take on many different forms, from small possessions like articles of clothing and books, to large items like personal vehicles and furniture. Depending upon how they have chosen to invest their money, they may also own a home or other real property.

Grounds for divorce in Massachusetts

Not every relationship that is formalized in a marriage will stand the test of time. Though some Massachusetts couples will find lasting happiness with their spouses, others will decide that their lives will be better off if they end their legal relationships. In Massachusetts, there are many grounds on which individuals may base their divorce pleadings which include both fault and no-fault foundations.

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