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Mediation benefits: Mediation can be the right choice for you

On Behalf of | May 26, 2019 | Mediation

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that can be helpful in resolving conflict. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce and have trouble agreeing with one another, it could be the right answer to your problems.

Mediation is not the same as having someone tell you what to do, and it isn’t designed to solve all your relationship problems. Instead, mediation focuses on resolving specific disputes and teaching you ways to interact with another in more helpful ways.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator has a few jobs, the main job of which is to listen to both sides of an argument and guide the parties to hear what the other person has to say. A mediator is there to keep the lines of communication open, making sure that the discussion does not dissolve into conflict.

Mediators typically don’t have the ability to create binding contracts at the end of mediation, which can be of benefit to people in your situation. Why? You can talk through your problems and disputes without having to worry about what you say becoming the final resoluton for your case.

Mediators want to make sure that you’re educated in your rights and the law as well. A mediator is unlikely to tell you what to do, but the mediator can tell you what is legal to do.

Should you try mediation if you’re going through a divorce?

If you are going through divorce and have only one or two disputes to work through, you may want to try mediation. Mediation is typically best for those who can talk through the majority of divorce concerns without support, turning to mediation only to get through the worst of disputes.

People who choose to go through mediation also have to be willing to work together. If your spouse intends to drag out the divorce and try to drain your accounts, then the likelihood of mediation working is lower than if you’re both trying to do what is best for yourselves and each other.

Ending a marriage is not easy for most couples, but with mediation or other alternative dispute resolution options, you can work through disputes and try to keep your case away from becoming a trial. Mediation saves time and money while helping you come to an agreement you’re both happy with, which should be encouraging to anyone who wants to finalize their divorce and move on.