It can be hard on parents to work out the details of their child custody matters when they are in the process of ending their marriage. During divorce proceedings, parents may work together to settle the scheduling and responsibilities of raising their children. If they are unable to make decisions regarding the custody of their kids, they can turn to the court to work out those details.

When a court decides matters of child custody, it attempts to protect the best interests of the children who will be affected by the decisions. This means that the court must look at many factors that are specific to each case. Those factors can relate to the parents, kids, and the dynamics that exist between them.

For example, a court may be more willing to place a child in the primary physical custody of a parent who is more supportive of their needs than the other parent. A child’s age and individual requirements may change which parent is more appropriate for them, and a parent’s capacity to foster the relationship between their child and the other parent may also be considered.

It can be hard for parents to relinquish control over how and where their children will be raised. However, courts work to do what is best for the kids given their individual and unique circumstances. When parents have questions about this and other important divorce-related questions, they can turn to their family law attorneys for support. Family law attorneys are advocates for their clients and can help them fight for the child custody outcomes they believe are best.