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3 tips to help children feel at home in 2 houses

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Co-Parenting And Child Custody

Children who have to learn how to live across two homes have some big adjustments to go through. This can be a challenging time, but it is likely a bit easier if they are able to count on their parents to help them. You will probably find that helping them to adjust makes your life better since you may be able to enjoy your time with them more.

You have to consider your child’s age and maturity when helping them with the transition. One thing that may be beneficial is to have a solid parenting plan that provides consistency for the kids.

Remind them that both homes are theirs

Some children feel like their parent won’t want them to have fun when they are in the other parent’s home in Franklin. Remind them that you encourage them to enjoy both homes. Since you and your ex split up, they have two places to call their own. At your home, make sure that they have a space that is theirs. This might be a room or any set space. Be sure there is somewhere they can keep their belongings.

Help them to feel happiness

Children deserve to be happy. This doesn’t have to mean that they are always doing something away from the house. Sometimes, a night at home is just what they need to relax and recenter. You can have a family movie or game night with yummy snacks and just enjoy being together. Ask them about the fun times they have with the other parent or what they enjoyed while they were there. This reinforces the idea that you want them to have fun at both homes.

Plan for important events

When parents divorce, the children often wonder how things like school plays or graduations will be handled. They are usually concerned that only one parent will attend. Speak to your ex and set a plan for what will happen at these events. Ideally, you can work together to support the kids at these events. Expectations like respect for everyone there for the children must be set in advance.

Always take the time to listen to your children so you know where they are struggling. These points might need to be discussed with your ex. Include in the parenting plan how to resolve conflicts you can foresee in advance.