Just like every couple’s relationship is different, so is that couple’s potential divorce. With the divorce rate still fairly high, it’s not out of the question to figure that a large percentage of marriages will end in divorce. If this is something you are considering, you might be wondering how to get it done.

One process by which a dissolution of marriage can be completed is through mediation. Mediation is different from typical divorce litigation as there is no judge, just a mediator that guides the parties through the process. Mediation is good for discussion between the parties and allows them to work out their issues and voice their opinions. Agreements reached in mediation are most often legally binding, which doesn’t leave much room for appeal.

Those who utilize mediation correctly find that mediation is quicker, less expensive and a simpler way to settle divorce issues. Everything from property division, child custody, parenting plans, and other issues can be hashed out in mediation. It’s a more collective way in which to discuss divorce issues, rather than to allow lawyers or a judge to speak on one’s behalf. Mediation isn’t for every divorce, especially those in which communication has completely broken down.

However, for those who are on good to fair terms with their spouse, mediation could be a wonderful dispute resolution method. It’s certainly an option worth exploring. A person may wish first to ask his or her spouse if mediation is something he or she would be open to for your divorce resolution. Avoiding litigation can be good for everyone involved.