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Co-parenting counseling could help you and your ex work together

Divorce is a messy process that brings up a lot of emotions. No matter how hard you try to shield your children from your struggles during a divorce, they are liable to, at least, be aware of your emotional state, particularly if you and your ex continue to fight.

Co-parenting secrets: Healthy families after divorce

Co-parenting, while not for everyone, is the best way to offer stability and emotional comfort for children after a divorce. Of course, in situations that involve physical, drug, or alcohol abuse it is not always the best option.

Alternative dispute resolution in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Trial Court not only offers, but also encourages, alternative dispute resolution in family law matters such as divorce and child custody. As such, they have produced a guide for both represented and non-represented parties detailing alternative methods to reach a resolution outside of the courtroom. Family law matters are among the most stressful types of cases. When disputes can be settled outside of a courtroom, it allows parties to pick up the pieces and move forward with as little damage as possible.

Facilitating the relationship between children and step-parents

A major component to any successful co-parenting plan is that both sides agree to do everything within their power, and within reason, to facilitate a healthy relationship between the children and any step-parent who enters the picture. There are several tips to help along the journey.

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