It is common for parties who are just beginning the divorce process to be adamant on destroying one another in a courtroom. However, this is usually before they realize that it is likely going to cost thousands of dollars and several months of time and stress. This, among many others, is the reason mediation can be such a great alternative divorce resolution.

First, let’s talk about the costs of a divorce. The longer the process takes, the more you are going to pay. A divorce where the parties are unable or unwilling to come to an agreement can drag on for months, or even years in some cases. Parties may pay an attorney a large retainer up front, but often do not realize how quickly ongoing charges will deplete that money. Before they know it, they are receiving an invoice for an additional $5,000 or higher replenishment. Whereas, a couple who agrees to settle their disputes through the process of mediation can save thousands of dollars. Parties will also negotiate who pays the costs of a mediation. Often, the fee is split evenly between the two.

Second, think about your privacy as well as your children. A nasty divorce that continues on to a courtroom often stirs up the rumor mill, only to add insult to injury. Where children are involved, this especially can have a lasting negative impact. A mediation can be conducted quietly and quickly behind closed doors in the privacy of an office, as opposed to a public courtroom.

Parties involved in any divorce proceeding should consider mediation as an effective means of conserving finances, protecting privacy and, most of all, making a difficult transition easier on any children involved. Consult an experienced mediator to determine your options today.