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Keeping your divorce out of the courtroom

It is common for parties who are just beginning the divorce process to be adamant on destroying one another in a courtroom. However, this is usually before they realize that it is likely going to cost thousands of dollars and several months of time and stress. This, among many others, is the reason mediation can be such a great alternative divorce resolution.

Resolving conflicts around parental rights and child relocation

When parents share custody of their child, it is often a delicate balance keeping both sides properly engaged in the child's life. This is especially true when one parent faces the prospect of relocating and taking the child with them. Depending on the nature of the move and the division of custody time, the move often means that the non-custodial parent may see their parenting time drastically reduced. It may also impose significant expenses for the parent who wishes to consistently remain in their child's life after relocation.

The different types of property subject to division

Property division can be complex during the divorce process so it is helpful to know what different types of property will be involved and what the legal categories of property are. Property division is a necessary process divorcing couples must go through during divorce and legal resources are available through the family law process to help.

What happens when a parent wants to relocate?

Parental relocation can be a big concern for parents sharing custody of their child. Parents wishing to relocate, as well as parents opposing a relocation request, may have many questions about parental relocation that they need answers to.

Help for parents with the child custody process

Child custody is a concern on the minds of many divorcing parents in Massachusetts. The divorce process can be challenging for families, parents and children but can take a special toll on children which is why parents should understand how the child custody process in Massachusetts work and the options available to help them through that process.

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