Changing jobs may bring up a variety of questions related to child support obligations and other concerns. Modifying child support can be a significant concern for both custodial parents and parents paying child support so it is important to understand the family law resources available to help when child support modification concerns arise related to a job change or otherwise.

When a parent has changed jobs which has resulted in less income, they may be able to request a child support modification. Alternately, the custodial parent may wish to seek a child support modification if the change in jobs for the non-custodial parent paying child support has resulted in them earning a significantly higher income. When a child support modification has been requested, the family law court will look at different factors to determine if it should be granted.

The family law court will primarily look at if there has been a significant change in circumstances for either the parent or the child, among other factors, from the time that the existing child support order was made to the time that the child support modification is being requested by one of the parties. The court will look at factors including if either parent has experienced a change in income or if one of the parent’s has become unemployed; a significant change in the child’s needs; if there has been an increased cost of living; if the family income has increased due to remarriage; if a parent becomes disabled; if either parent is incarcerated; or if child support laws change.

Knowing what resources are available if you are having difficulty meeting your child support obligations can be invaluable. Parents should always be familiar with the family law resources available to help guide them through their concerns related to child support and child custody.