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Child support resources for parents and families

Children have the right to receive financial support from their parents regardless of the circumstances. As a result, child support and child support concerns are important to understand. Parents likely have concerns so they should know what to expect from the child support process.

Protecting your court-ordered parenting time after divorce

Making the transition from sharing a home with the parent of your child and raising the child in separate homes after divorce is rarely an easy process. Even in instances where the parents intend to work together to build a stable, loving parenting environment for the child, there are usually some pitfalls along the way, and few parents follow their parenting or custody plans to the letter all the time.

Former celebrity couple in mediation for co-parenting concerns

One advantage of divorce mediation is that it can help couples resolve concerns following their divorce as well as during their divorce and can also lay a foundation for couples to resolve future concerns that might come up following their divorce and divorce settlement. Former celebrity couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are in mediation concerning their different parenting styles and how to raise their children.

How property division is addressed during divorce

Property division during divorce is never fun but it does not have to be a difficult or painful as some divorcing spouses may envision or anticipate it being. The family law process provides ample legal resources to help with the property division process but also to help divorcing couples negotiate their property division settlement agreement and resolve any disputes that many come up during the process.

Massachusetts spousal support basics

Alimony can be an important part of a divorce when one spouse has remained at home to care for the household or children or has helped contribute to the career or education of the other spouse and has remained a non-wage earning or lower wage-earning spouse because of one of those situations. The spouse that may be required to pay alimony may object so it is important for spouses on both sides of the issue to understand how alimony is awarded.

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