Over time, a child support agreement may no longer work and may need to be adjusted, or modified. The family law process provides resources to families and parents who need to seek a child support modification or wish to oppose a child support modification. It is important to be familiar with the details of that process.

There are many events that can transpire in the lives of parents, children and families that may make a previously workable child support order unworkable. Such events can include the loss of a job; suffering a serious injury; experiencing a change in marital status; or experiencing a change in household income, among some other types of changes that may warrant a child support modification.

It is important for parents to act promptly if they think a child support modification may be needed. Parents must request a change from the family law court and it must be approved for any change to take place. It is important to remember to continue to abide by the child support order until any changes have been approved by the family law court or agreed to by the parents. Parents may agree to a child support modification, thought oftentimes they do not and the family law court can help them resolve those concerns.

It is helpful for parents seeking a child support modification, or those opposing one, to be familiar with the process of requesting and receiving a child support modification. The more parents understand about the process, the better position they are in to navigate it to resolve their family law needs.