There are many benefits of Massachusetts divorce mediation for divorcing couples who do not want to fight out everything it court. Divorce mediation options can be best for both the divorcing couple, their children and their pocketbooks. The mediation process involves the use of a third-party neutral to meet with both spouses and to help them work out a divorce settlement agreement based on the parties’ needs and the mediator’s understanding of those needs and the divorce laws concerning property division, child custody and other divorce-related issues.

The goals of divorce mediation are to create outcomes that are fairer and minimize the cost and acrimony sometimes associated with the divorce litigation process. Many divorce-related issues can be resolved through the divorce mediation process including property division, child custody, child support and alimony. Divorce mediation can also provide a framework that allows the couple to more easily resolve issues and concerns as they crop up down the road.

Rather than being adversarial, the mediation process focuses on negotiation and arriving at resolutions to concerns and solutions to problems that all the parties feel they can live with. In addition to being less costly than a divorce litigated in divorce court, and potentially taking less time as well, the mediation process is more private and can be better for children going through the divorce process.

Mediation is a positive alternative with many benefits for divorcing couples to consider. Mediation provides a framework for couples to address divorce-related concern with minimal conflict, which can help them resolve their divorce more quickly and at less emotional and financial cost their family.