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When can I receive a child support modification?

Over time, a child support agreement may no longer work and may need to be adjusted, or modified. The family law process provides resources to families and parents who need to seek a child support modification or wish to oppose a child support modification. It is important to be familiar with the details of that process.

Here's why you should avoid a judge making your parenting plan

You love your children, and all you want is to have enough time with them after your divorce. You feel like your ex-spouse isn't listening when you present the custody arrangements you want, and you don't know how to communicate your wishes without an argument breaking out.

Mediation during divorce has many benefits

There are many benefits of Massachusetts divorce mediation for divorcing couples who do not want to fight out everything it court. Divorce mediation options can be best for both the divorcing couple, their children and their pocketbooks. The mediation process involves the use of a third-party neutral to meet with both spouses and to help them work out a divorce settlement agreement based on the parties' needs and the mediator's understanding of those needs and the divorce laws concerning property division, child custody and other divorce-related issues.

Co-parenting help during the divorce and child custody process

Learning how to co-parent following a divorce can be challenging but it is essential for children that parents be able to effectively co-parent as the children grow and develop and everyone moves forward following the divorce. It is important to keep in mind that child custody and co-parenting decisions focus on what is in the best interests of the child.

How to expect child support to be calculated

Child support is usually a significant concern for parents and families and is important for children in their daily lives. Child support depends on various factors used to calculate child support in different states and other factors such as which parent has custody of the child so it is helpful for parents to be familiar with the child support laws in their state.

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