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Talking to toddlers about divorce

One of the hardest things for a parent to do is to talk to a very young child about divorce and what it means for the family. Divorces aren't always simple, and the emotional stress and turmoil may make it hard to talk about with anyone, let alone a child who may not understand.

What options are available to enforce a child support order?

Child support obligations are legal obligations and serious consequences may be faced by a parent who fails to pay required child support. If a parent is concerned about their inability to pay child support, or a parent is seeking to enforce a child support obligation, they may wonder what the options for enforcing child support obligations are and what the consequences may be for a failure to pay child support, as well as what resources are available for modifying a child support order.

Massachusetts couples should understand property division

Knowing how property will be divided during divorce, and knowing what to anticipate, can help divorcing couples better plan for the property division process and prioritize their needs and concerns related to it. To begin with, divorcing couples in Massachusetts should understand that Massachusetts follows equitable division property division rules during divorce which calls for a fair division of property.

How do I get alimony during my divorce?

There are many divorce-related issues couples will need to resolve during their divorce but if you are seeking alimony, you may wonder how you can get it. There are different types of alimony and understanding what those are can help divorcing spouses determine if alimony will be granted.

How mediation can help parents

Our justice system is adversarial by nature: Most cases pit one party against another, and the two sides take turns arguing why it is right and the other is wrong. The court listens to both sides and comes to a decision about how justice should be served.

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