There are several steps divorcing couples can take if they want an amicable divorce process. A divorce that is not contentious can be more efficient, cost less money, take less time and be less costly emotionally as well. The mediation process can help divorcing couples avoid court and tradition divorce litigation.

Divorce is a significant transition process. Because it can also be so emotional, it can be difficult to handle all that divorcing spouses have to process. The family law system and divorce process are available to help. It is useful to initially establish grounds rules for the divorce transition process. Getting on the same page concerning the basics is important and then couples can begin working through their divorce-related issues.

Additionally, understanding what to expect from the divorce process can help ease fears and also helps the divorcing couple navigate the process. The divorce process will result in a divorce settlement so it is important to understand that. The process will address property division, spousal support, child support and child custody. Couples should also understand that different options for divorcing couples other than tradition divorce litigation are available including mediation or collaborative divorce. Mediation can be more cost effective than divorce litigation.

Because so much is riding on it, and the because of the complexities associated with divorce, it is helpful to have trained guidance through the process. Mediation is also one option to consider and many attorneys serve as mediators. Going through the divorce process can involve going in many directions which is why it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand the process and their options to help it be as smooth as possible.