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Help for parents to successfully co-parent

Parenting can be challenging following a divorce but some useful tips can help. Understanding how parents can handle the challenges of co-parenting can be helpful for parents to successfully co-parent their children. It is important to be thinking about co-parenting early on in the divorce process, as co-parenting considerations should be top of mind for parents while they are negotiating their parenting agreement which will address concerns such as parenting schedules, decision-making responsibilities and financial concerns.

The value of divorce mediation options

There can be tremendous value in considering divorce options other than the traditionally litigated divorce. Divorcing couples may be unfamiliar with divorce mediation or what it does or may be hazy on the benefits of divorce mediation and how it works. Unlike the traditionally litigated divorce, the mediation process, or other options such as collaborative divorce or court-ordered reconciliation, can be less acrimonious and also more private which can lead to a better overall outcome for the family.

What should I expect from my property division settlement?

Property division can be one of the most challenging aspects of any divorce, so understanding it can become extremely important. There are many different types of property that may need to be divided during the course of marriage dissolution, including the marital home or other real estate, retirement accounts, investments, home furnishings, cars, and even a family business. With so much at stake, knowing what to expect from the property division process can be crucial.

How divorce mediation can help couples save time and cost

Regardless of the circumstances, divorce can be stressful for both parties and for families. Fortunately, there are options out there that can help mitigate the negative emotional impact of divorce on families and can also help them save time and money in the process. Not every concern that arises during the divorce process necessarily has to be litigated. There are other methods of resolving differences and one such option for couples to consider is divorce mediation.

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