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How to co-parent after a divorce

The terrain ahead following a divorce can be uneven and challenging for newly divorce parents and families which is why understanding how to successfully co-parent can be useful. Some tips for successful co-parenting can help. To begin with, it is important for both parents to provide quality time with their children and to be there for them both physically and emotionally, as divorce is an adjustment for everyone.

The basics of negotiating a divorce settlement

There are many issues to sort out during the divorce process. Understanding the scope of divorce-related issues that must be addressed, as well as how the family law process handles those issues, can be helpful for divorcing couples to understand. The divorce process is intended to help the divorcing couple each move forward in as positive a financial position as possible but that means a number of divorce-related issues must be sorted out beforehand.

Your children have rights, even during child custody cases

Your children's interests have to remain the primary focus of your child custody agreement with your ex. When parents are battling it out during a child custody case, they often lose sight of the fact that children have rights as well. It is easy to get so focused on the technical aspects of the case that you forget.

The benefits of divorce mediation

Utilizing mediation during the divorce process can help divorcing couples address a variety of important divorce-related issues. The mediation process allows divorcing couples to determine what is best for their family and children and reach outcomes according that reflect that. Mediation provides an alternative to divorce court that allows couples to resolve their concerns in a more friendly, efficient and cost-effective manner.

The different types of alimony in Massachusetts

Alimony is an important part of the divorce process for both spouses. Both the paying spouse and the recipient spouse will want to know what type of alimony award might be made in a divorce and should understand the different types of alimony that are possible according to Massachusetts laws. Generally, there are four types of alimony that may be awarded including general term alimony, rehabilitative alimony, reimbursement alimony and transitional alimony.

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