Divorcing couples may have heard of divorce mediation and wondered what it is. The answer is that there are different options available to couples today seeking a divorce that may allow them to avoid the downsides sometimes associated with divorce litigation. Divorce mediation is a process for divorcing couples to consider that allows them to resolve divorce-related issues in a manner that may be better for their children and family.

When couples engage in mediation, a mediator can help facilitate communication and understanding; help the parties understand their own and the other’s interests; and creatively problem-solve and reach agreement regarding divorce-related concerns such as property division, child custody, child support and alimony concerns. Divorce mediation can help couples reach a divorce settlement that also preserves the on-going relationship of the couple as parents.

Divorce mediation can help divorcing couples reach agreements that are best for them, their children and family and can help divorcing couples avoid costly divorce litigation disputes and the acrimony that can accompany that process. The divorce mediation process may also help couples resolve their divorce-related concerns quicker, which also minimizes cost and acrimony. Mediation can occur in a group setting that includes the parties or may involve the mediator going back and forth between the parties.

It is helpful for divorcing couples to understand the divorce mediation process and in what circumstances it can be helpful for them or in what circumstances it might not be the best choice for the divorcing couple. Once a divorce settlement is reach, the divorce mediation process can prove to be an efficient and effective choice for divorcing couples during a challenging time.

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