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3 ways to prepare for divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Mediation

Divorce is often a very complicated process that causes stress on the divorcing couple and their children. But, what if you and your future ex-spouse agree that you do not want to go through the litigation process? What if you are seeking ways to reduce the impact of your divorce on your children? You may already be considering alternatives to divorce litigation, such as mediation.

If you have already decided that mediation is the best option for you, you might be wondering what to expect or how to prepare. The following tips can help you get ready for your first mediation session.

Gather the appropriate information

In general, the mediation process will cover every aspect of a traditional divorce. For instance, you will need to gather all of your financial information, such as the mortgage information on your Massachusetts home, bank and retirement account statements.

During mediation, you will work toward a fair settlement that divides these assets between the two of you. In addition, you will address other issues like child support, spousal support and various other matters.

Plan for the future

Your divorce settlement will play a large role in the state of your future finances. Before you attend your first mediation session, sit down and create a post-divorce budget. This will give you a baseline of what you need to work toward in terms of a divorce settlement. If the settlement does not provide the support you need, you might run into financial problems within a very short time after you finalize the divorce.

Prioritize the kids

Your children will continue to need both you and your ex in their lives post-divorce. When you feel like things are starting to go south or if anger is getting the better of you, remember that your children are the top priority.

If you are considering divorce, alternatives to litigation like mediation can defuse the process. Using the above tips can help you prepare for divorce mediation so that you can get the settlement you need.