A divorce does not have to be an ugly fight. In fact, through mediation many Massachusetts couples can successfully end their marriages without significant conflict or drama. Mediation can be good for the parties involved as it can be a less stressful and more cost-effective method of bringing a legal union to its end than litigation. It can also be a good way to minimize the stress of a divorce on couples’ shared children.

When their parents’ relationships end, kids can feel a range of emotions, from self-blame to anger and resentment. These feelings can be exacerbated when their parents’ legal processes become contentious and take their focus off of their children. A child of divorce may feel isolated and alone as their household splits into two, but it is important that every child’s experience will be different.

While mediation does not guarantee that a child’s transition into a family of divorce will be completely smooth, it can help soften the difficult blow of having their parents legally leave each other for new lives. Mediation allows couples to work together rather than against each other to resolve the important matters that will keep them connected after their divorce is finalized, such as child custody and support issues.

If parents can place a priority on their children during divorce, the kids may be able transition into their new lives with more confidence. Mediation supports cooperation and when it comes to divorce and both parents and kids can benefit from teamwork. Divorce attorneys who offer family law mediation services are excellent resources for families that want to learn more about the possibilities of mediated divorce.