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Technology helps parents and kids stay connected after divorce

Parents in Massachusetts love to see their children achieve success at school, in their extracurricular pursuits and through their relationships with their friends and family members. Children who are happy tend to be children who thrive. Oftentimes, however, when children are forced to bear the painful experience of their parents' divorce, they can grow less inclined to engage as they did when both of their parents had a daily presence in their upbringing.

Factors considered during the division of marital property

Several prior posts here have discussed the difference between separate property and marital property when it comes to a divorce. While the parties to a divorce generally walk away from their marriages with their separate property, they may have to await a judicial decision to know what portion of their marital property will be theirs. This post will briefly touch on some of the factors that courts may look at to decide how to divide marital property, but readers are asked to discuss their case-specific concerns with their legal representatives.

Hollywood actor and long-term wife head for divorce

Marriages that endure for at least a decade are common for Massachusetts residents, but, in Hollywood, marriages that last into their double digits are practically unheard of. As such, it is always surprising to hear that a long-time married celebrity and their partner have decided to end their legal union. Just recently, actor Ewan McGregor filed for divorce from his wife of almost 22 years.

How can a prenup help if my marriage ends in divorce?

A prenuptial agreement, sometimes called a "prenup," is a contract that individuals enter into with their soon-to-be marital partners. In Massachusetts, individuals create prenuptial agreements to protect their premarital assets, avoid incurring the costs of their future spouses' debts and to divide marital assets in the event that their marriages end in divorce.

Family law mediation can be good for parents and kids

A divorce does not have to be an ugly fight. In fact, through mediation many Massachusetts couples can successfully end their marriages without significant conflict or drama. Mediation can be good for the parties involved as it can be a less stressful and more cost-effective method of bringing a legal union to its end than litigation. It can also be a good way to minimize the stress of a divorce on couples' shared children.

6 key tips to help parents and kids adjust to post-divorce life

You file for divorce, and all you can think of are your children. Losing the marriage is fine. You feel at peace with it. You just don't want it to harm the kids, emotionally or psychologically. You want what's best for them. You always have, from the time they were born until now, when they are in or nearing their teenage years. 

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