Franklin residents often struggle to find a good balance between their work responsibilities and their family lives. While they may prioritize the needs of their spouses and kids over the tasks that their employers want them to do, they may also feel a strong push to excel in their careers and advance to positions of greater significance. Sometimes, work and family needs come into direct conflict and one of the ways this can happen is if a person is asked by their employer to relocate.

Job relocation can be disruptive to a family that is not affected by divorce, but when a parent has to move and shares custody of their kids with their former partner the challenges can become very apparent. If a parent is the sole custodial parent of their child then they may have more flexibility to move as they see fit for their job. But, if the parent shares custody of their child with the other parent, then they may have to negotiate a new custody plan in order to effectuate the move.

A parent who has physical custody of their child may oppose their former spouse’s request to relocate with their child. Before the other parent attempts to make their move the relocating parent must give the other notice of their intended action so that the parties may discuss it. A hearing may be scheduled if they cannot come to a new custodial and visitation plan to accommodate the parent and child’s relocation. A court will assess a number of factors to decide if it is appropriate for the parent to take the child with them should they choose to accept the relocation offered by their employer.

People change jobs frequently. Oftentimes a job change means a move and a move can disrupt a family’s custodial and visitation schedule. Working out these important family law matters can be stressful and may be managed with the support of a Massachusetts family law attorney.