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New Year is a good time to consider custodial changes

Each year families in Massachusetts change through marriage, the births and adoptions of children and divorce. As they grow and modify their structures families can be forced to accept new schedules and living arrangements that may not match what they are used to experiencing. These changes can be difficult for everyone, but can be especially trying on children.

Parental relocation can disrupt an existing custody plan

Franklin residents often struggle to find a good balance between their work responsibilities and their family lives. While they may prioritize the needs of their spouses and kids over the tasks that their employers want them to do, they may also feel a strong push to excel in their careers and advance to positions of greater significance. Sometimes, work and family needs come into direct conflict and one of the ways this can happen is if a person is asked by their employer to relocate.

Is mediation the right choice for your divorce?

It is important that individuals who are thinking about filing for divorce understand the different options they have for bringing the relationships to their legal ends. In Massachusetts, a person may choose to litigate their divorce through the courts and this is generally considered the traditional path to divorce. However, they may also use the mediation process to work with their spouses and to come up with collaborative solutions to their property, custody and financial concerns.

Divorcing partners can agree about value of marital property

Previous posts here have discussed how Massachusetts is not a community property state. To this end, marital partners may own separate property to which their spouses do not have rights to claim; they may also own marital property jointly. When working through a divorce, it is customary for parties to retain their separate property, but the disposition of their marital property can be somewhat more complex.

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