No parent in Franklin wants to imagine a world in which their child has anything less than the best possible life experience. However, from time to time the needs and preferences of those parents may influence the manner in which the children are brought up. For example, when parents decide to end their marriage in divorce their children’s lives can dramatically change.

It can be hard to work with a person to whom one no longer wants to be married, but working together during and after a divorce is critical to protecting the best interests of any children that the parties share. Working together does not have to mean being friends with one’s ex-spouse, or even liking one’s ex-spouse, but it does mean respecting an ex-partner’s rights to their kids and any child custody agreements and orders that may be in place to govern those relationships.

Parents who work together often can have a say in how the custodial matters of their family play out during a separation or divorce. They may be able to set the schedule on which their children move from their parents’ homes or may decide on the conditions of visitation for a non-custodial parent. Parents who put their kids’ needs first in this respect are often able to abide by the terms of the agreements they make and successfully co-parent their kids, even after their relationships are over.

Susan Rossi Cook, attorney at law, supports families transitioning through divorce. She is an advocate for her clients and a legal representative who knows the importance of supporting children and parents. She is available to work with new clients who require support creating child custody and visitation plans that will allow them to co-parent.