There is no question that the divorce of a Massachusetts child’s parents is difficult. A child has potentially lived their entire life with both parents under the same roof and receiving daily love and support from each to foster the child’s growth and development. Once a divorce enters the life of the family, though, that comfortable and supportive environment may quickly disappear.

The courts of Massachusetts seek to protect children who must experience the often challenging legal process of divorce. They allow parents to create agreements that address the custodial and financial decisions they have made about continuing to provide care to their children once their marriages are over. If parents cannot come up with agreements that provide clarity to these topics, the courts will promulgate orders on which child custody and support matters should be based.

Whether the parents are able to create an agreement or the court has to step in and draft orders, all decisions made regarding children’s comfort and care should be made in light of the kids’ best interests. Because children come in different ages, from different backgrounds and with different educational, physical and emotional needs the best interests of children can take on different priorities when considered in light of the family law courts.

Advocating for one’s child in a adversarial divorce proceeding can be hard on a Massachusetts parent, but parents who choose to end their marriage do not have to undertake these serious legal matters on their own. With the support of a knowledgeable family law attorney many parents are able to confidently create custody and support agreements that meet their needs and more importantly address the important interests of their kids.