Co-Parenting In Massachusetts

When you entrust your family's future to me, you become part of my family as well. Since becoming a lawyer more than 15 years ago, I have dedicated my life and career to helping families resolve their legal matters peacefully. In any family law matter involving a child, my primary goal is to craft a solution that protects the best interests of the child.

In most situations, that involves reaching a custody agreement that allows each parent to play a role in the child's life. I help parents through mediation, negotiation and other methods to reach custody and parenting-time agreements that preserve their parental rights and the rights of their child.

Often, through no fault of their own, parents conflate their best interests with those of their child. I work with parents to help them step away from their own concerns and focus on their child. Together, we can determine what is truly in the child's best interests, then work toward solutions that put those interests first.

Advocating For The Best Interests Of Children

While championing the rights of children in my private practice, I also do a great deal of pro bono work for the benefit of children. I am a member of Attorneys Representing Children, or ARC, a program that provides pro bono representation to children whose parents are going through a high-conflict divorce.

I also serve as a Guardian ad Litem in family and probate matters, and I am an active member of the Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem.

Contact A Co-Parenting Lawyer In Needham, Massachusetts

Putting children in the middle of a divorce does not help anyone, and it can be extremely damaging to children. To minimize the harm to your child during a divorce or separation, it may be wise to work with an attorney well-versed in co-parenting and collaborative parenting plans.

To learn more about the importance of co-parenting and the benefits of a collaborative approach to family law, I encourage you to contact me and arrange a consultation. Please send me an email or call my office at 508-507-8742.