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Children's best interests guide child custody decisions

There is no question that the divorce of a Massachusetts child's parents is difficult. A child has potentially lived their entire life with both parents under the same roof and receiving daily love and support from each to foster the child's growth and development. Once a divorce enters the life of the family, though, that comfortable and supportive environment may quickly disappear.

The courts of Massachusetts seek to protect children who must experience the often challenging legal process of divorce. They allow parents to create agreements that address the custodial and financial decisions they have made about continuing to provide care to their children once their marriages are over. If parents cannot come up with agreements that provide clarity to these topics, the courts will promulgate orders on which child custody and support matters should be based.

Divorce mediation can help protect your children

Divorce is rough on everyone involved. Both the spouses going through divorce will likely have to move through the five stages of grief to come to terms with the end of the relationship. In marriages with minor children, there's also reason to feel concerned about the impact of the divorce on the children. The entire process, from fighting parents to a protracted court battle, can leave emotional scars that take years to heal.

Some of the most difficult things for children in a divorce include witnessing the animosity between parents, worrying that they caused the divorce or needing to choose in court which parent they want to live with. Listening to testimony about the worst behavior of each parent can also damage the delicate parent-child relationship and lead to feelings of social isolation and even feeling unloved. Thankfully, you have an option to protect your kids from that. Mediation can help you divorce without dragging the kids into it.

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